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    Pevatech is a leader company that provides PC based machinery and automated equipments for laboratories and industrial products.
    The company works in the field of digital technology such as Data Acquisition, loggers and universal measurement systems for researches and studies.
    Pevatech also provides Software Designing and Labview Programming for industrial and laboratory applications including all interfaces and communication protocols using the latest technology of National Instruments.
    In addition, our company covers Smart application for PDA, BMS and home supervisory development as well as Internal Auditing, IT Administration and Calibration services For more than 10 years, Pevatech International has helped companies worldwide build more cost-effective automated systems.
    While continuing to serve as today’s leading authority in instrument control and measurements, Pevatech is now driving innovation in robotics and automated systems using high end and advanced technologies to reduce your costs by using a platform that combines open PC technologies and modular instrumentation.


    Our Applications and solutions Covers:
    -Measurements for Automation
    -Machine Design and Control
    -Smart Cameras
    -Electrical Panel Design and Implementation
    -Electronics Design and execution
    -PLC and programming
    -Robots .